wildwoods neon exhibit

Neon: The Light Of The Wildwoods (Summer 2007)

George F. Boyer Museum
3907 Pacific Avenue Wildwood, N. J. 08260

This was an exhibit on the neon sign heritage of the four communities that make up The Wildwoods in Southern New Jersey.The exhibit included a history of neon sign making, a hands-on exhibit on the materials of neon sign making, a display of original documentary photographs of the Wildwoods’ neon signs, and a photo album of the complete archive of the community’s neon signs as they existed between 2005-2007. An earlier version of this exhibit existed at the Doo Wop Preservation League Museum in Wildwood, NJ. Special thanks for this go to Anthony Canzano at the George F. Boyer Museum and to Fred Musso, local neon sign maker.